An Evening With… Gifford Booth

The first Circle Sq.-Pathfinder event was held in late March 2019

The evening was run with Gifford Booth, a unique and inspiring coach who has been guiding senior executives in leadership and personal effectiveness for over thirty years.
At this first Pathfinder workshop, Gifford took Circle Sq. members and invited guests on a journey of self discovery. He reminded us to look deep inside ourselves to find “what you know you know”; and challenged us to be bold and trust ourselves to take action to achieve what we’ve always passionately wanted.
One Member told us: “I came away feeling rejuvenated, believing my long held dream to be a chef wasn’t just a hobby. Now I have a bit more time on my hands, Masterchef 2020 is not just a TV programme, it’s a real possibility!”
There’s so much more to discover. Join us at the next Pathfinder workshop is planned for late June 2019.