An Evening with… Matthew Greenburgh, Digital Artist

Matthew Greenburgh left investment banking in 2010 after a 28 year career.  He then embarked on an attempt to become an artist, including undertaking an MA at Central Saint Martins.  In this talk he will discuss his own art, from photography via physical installation to Virtual Reality and what he learned from art school about the theory and practice of contemporary art.  He will touch on topics that informed his art ranging from assisted dying to the post-human and from the radical anti-capitalism of art-theory to the coming take-over by the Chinese of art-practice.

Matthew Greenburgh’s work involves a variety of media but with the large-scale photograph as a central part.  He started by making a series of large-scale wall mounted macro photographs of autumn leaves that relate to earlier art works with a connection between death and beauty, which have been shown at two solo exhibitions and are held in a number of private collections.

During his time as a post graduate student at Central Saint Martins, he extended his practice to involve placing macro photographs in physical installations seeking to build from the notion that scale and illusion are at the heart of digital photography, which in turn is a powerful force in shaping contemporary society.

With a nod to his past as an investment banker, his degree show piece involved two rotating columns and a projection utilising macro photographs of notes and coins and illusory moiré effects to evoke a kind of temple (see image below).  The piece was covered by the Wall Street Journal where he was quoted saying it “invites the viewer to make connections between money as a cult, an act of faith, as a mode of control and an agent of power, as elusive for many but scalable by some”.

He has gone on to work in Virtual Reality, where there are radically different kinds of possibilities for exploring and using scale and illusion.  His VR first piece, shown in a group exhibition last year, was a realisation of his degree show piece in VR space (see image below).  He is working on another VR piece at present along with a return to his original Leaves series.

DATE:    Wednesday 4 December 2019
TIME:     6.30 – 8.30pm
VENUE: Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road, NW3 6DG