An(other) Evening With…Gifford Booth

Pathfinder: An Evening of Awakening and Discovery

We were delighted to welcome back Gifford Booth, leader of our Pathfinder programme, and a unique and inspiring coach who has been guiding senior executives in leadership and personal effectiveness for over thirty years,  for a second stimulating journey of self-reflection and discovery. 

In a highly interactive session, we explored the nature of our intuition, desires, instincts and ‘natural knowing’ and their importance in shaping what we do and who we are.  The goal was to give us some language and thinking to help us answer questions such as what’s next for me, what impact do I want to have, how do I find out what gives me joy?  And then, critically, to consider how we might overcome those voices of self-doubt that may hamper our ability to achieve life decisions, desires and goals.

Drawing on excerpts from his upcoming book, the Sufist poet Rumi, unexpected insights from Pathfinder conversations, and other sources, Gifford guided us towards a model that can unlock what may be holding us back.

Suggesting that ‘what you seek is seeking you’, he made sure we left with renewed energy, much to think about, and enthusiasm to follow the workshop with individual Pathfinder conversations.


DATE: 25 June 2019

TIME: 7:15 – 9:15pm

VENUE: JW3, Finchley Road. NW3 6ET