Our Book Club brings together ardent book lovers to discuss and debate all kinds of literature. It may be a book someone is passionate to share with others, a book someone has always wanted to read and review, a book that’s topping the best seller list or garnering excellent reviews, or even attracting controversy.

Books reviewed so far have been Job by Joseph Roth, Liar by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, Home Fire by Kamila Shamsi, and American Marriage by Tayari Jones. The Book Club is next meeting on 27th April to discuss Beware of Pity by Stephen Zweig.

The Book Club meets every six to eight weeks. Typically around 8 to 10 people attend each time with the next book for review selected at each meeting. To date, the gatherings have been hosted by Book Club members in their homes. Future meetings may be held in a local book or coffee shop, and the Club will also look to invite authors to speak from time to time. Join us, and bring your literary ideas to the table.

Please contact Tanya at tanya.hidalgo@circlesq.co if you would like to join this Club and guide the reading list for the coming year.