Circle Sq. Invites…Ivor Cradock, founder, CP+R on

“How to Invest in Your Long-Term Health”

They say ‘health is the greatest wealth’, yet many people invest far more strategic time and energy looking after their money, property, even their teeth! Ivor Cradock, Founder of CP+R will explain how physical and mental health are the two greatest considerations for those aged 50 years and above. Without consistent and careful health management, our cardiovascular function quickly decreases, muscle mass wastes away and functional mobility declines, making everyday activities increasingly difficult. In this talk, you’ll learn how science, data and a well-tailored lifestyle programme can help you reap health dividends as you age and give you more years to spend time doing things you enjoy, and with the people you love.


About Ivor Cradock

After his father had a heart attack and quadruple bypass, Ivor created CP+R to improve the day-to-day health and outcomes of cardiac and cancer patients. He has expertise in exercise prescription and delivery for clinical populations, exercise psychology and inspiration. His life’s work is to help people live as long as possible with the best quality of life.

About CP+R

CP+R is for everyone, from individuals wanting to achieve health excellence to those needing to prevent ill health as well as for people who need expert rehabilitative care. They are cardiac specialists, making them particularly well placed to provide expert clinical care for people who need cardiac rehabilitation, cardiac prevention or support with cancer. Whatever your needs, CP+R will build a bespoke programme designed around you.

Circle Sq. is proud to partner with CP+R – together we share a mission to help you live longer, better. 

“The match between CP+R and Circle Sq. is a perfect one.  At Circle Sq., we are discerning and want to get things right.  CP+R are absolutely the best at what they do. In December 2019 I had a major operation.  Before I had it, I went to CP+R, on the advice of a friend who is a consultant oncologist.  CP+R said that they would make sure that if I stuck with my physiotherapy I would be stronger and fitter after I recovered from the operation than before. And so I am. I have more stamina and strength, more muscle mass and my heart and lungs are stronger.  I can’t recommend them too strongly.” Andrew Franklin, Circle Sq. board member

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 DATE:    Tuesday 1st February 2022
TIME:     12:30 – 1:30 pm
VENUE: Zoom (link sent once registered)