Friends of the Earth

Circle Sq. Fortnightly Virtual Coffee Morning


Join us every other Thursday at 11am via Zoom. Everybody is welcome. Join the conversation. 

On Thursday 10th June at 11am, we are delighted to welcome Hugh Knowles, Co-Executive Director at Friends of the Earth, a new Circle Sq. charity partner, on the 50th anniversary of the green group.  

In its 50th year Friends of the Earth faces an important inflection point. The majority of people in the UK agree there is a climate emergency. We have successfully begun to decarbonise our energy system but this happened without huge impact on our lives. The debate is now about how we implement the vast changes we need in our society that will impact on everything we do. We need radical changes in land use, how we heat our homes and what we eat and drive. The benefits of the industrial revolution took between 25-100 years to reach the ‘average worker’ – if the benefits of the changes we need now don’t reach people sooner we will not have the political stability for change. With a new co-CEO in post, come and hear how Friends of the Earth is working to ensure a transition for all.

Hugh Knowles specialises in using futures intelligence and innovation processes to develop new ideas and experiment with tackling the big challenges of the 21st Century. He is Co-Executive Director at Friends of the Earth where he job shares with Miriam Turner.  He is one of the founders of BuggyAir (Winner Innovate UK IOT Launchpad) a device to track infant exposure to air pollution.

Hugh was Head of Innovation at Forum for the Future, an independent non-profit working globally with business, government and other organisations to solve sustainability challenges. He has a degree in Zoology and Ecology which was followed by a few years in the wilderness of IT consultancy. Rescued by the UK Centre for Economic and Environmental Development where he spent many days spent looking at waste electronics which led to the idea of the which resides at the Eden Project.