The Chemistry of Difference

Circle Sq. Fortnightly Virtual Coffee Morning


Join us fortnightly on Fridays at 11am via Zoom. Everybody is welcome. Join the conversation. 

On Friday 5th November @ 11am, we are joined by Circle Sq. member and occupational psychologist, Sue Conder to discuss ‘The Chemistry of Difference: A New Paradigm for Inclusion’

“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognise, accept, and celebrate those differences.” Audre Lorde

As an experienced business psychologist, Sue will share her insights into the differences between the way people including, men and women, operate at work and the challenges and opportunities they face. We know that diversity has the biggest impact on performance – not just gender and race but diversity of thought and behaviour.  The problem is we do not generally understand what these differences are and how they are both valuable and indeed crucially complementary. People have different approaches to: solving problems, making decisions and assessing risks, leading, engaging and communicating with others, building relationships, negotiating, communicating with and leading others; and managing conflict and stress. 

By sharing research on how people are helpfully different, people increase awareness of their blind spots, understand why previously people with different styles may have caused ‘trouble’ when they are working together and it helps people think about their emotional reactions, thinking and behaviour. Importantly, it also encourages people to be more authentically themselves and not try to be someone they are not. 

About Sue Conder

Sue was a partner in Deloitte Consulting, Human Capital until last year, for 18 years. She has had a 30 year consulting career and is also a chartered occupational\business psychologist. Sue has extensive international experience of working with senior teams across a broad range of industries including advising many professional service organisations as well as running programmes for Deloitte.

Her principal areas of expertise are:  business change, HR, organisational development, leadership development and building high performance teams to deliver successful complex business transformations. Sue is passionate about bringing evidence-based research and practical tools, including some of her own proprietary tools, to support  people’s mindsets, emotions, behaviours  and motivations to help them gain personal wellbeing and business success.

Sue Conder