“This is a really impressive, thoughtful and comprehensive programme! Your network is definitely the cream on top, a real ‘wow factor’. And Pathfinder is very interesting too.”

Director, Partner Relations, Big 4 accounting firm

“This is a really impressive, thoughtful and comprehensive programme! Your network is definitely the cream on top, a real ‘wow factor’. And Pathfinder is very interesting too.”
Director, Partner Relations, Big 4 accounting firm

After decades of experience working for, and with, professional services firms, Circle Sq. has developed a unique and comprehensive transition programme for partners and executives as they face transition at the end of their careers. Called Planning Your Next Chapter, this programme is designed to help both companies and their valued senior staff navigate this challenging time.

At the heart is our Pathfinder™ direction-setting tool which unlocks ideas and motivation as individuals prepare for the future. And the programme is underpinned by the Circle Sq. network, which provides opportunities for members to connect with like-minded people. Being part of Circle Sq. opens up new possibilities to harness accumulated wisdom and experience – to help each other, or to help others who can benefit from what we’ve learnt.

How does the programme work?

We work with HR Directors to identify potential candidates for the programme. The process spans 3 phases, each of which can be adapted to the needs of the individual.

  • Listening and mapping
  • Planning and committing
  • Execution and follow-up

We take partners on a journey of discovery, guided by our team of expert advisors. Planning Your Next Chapter consists of 4 elements:

Setting Your Direction

Our unique Pathfinder™ tool helps partners to unlock their motivation, inspiration and inner resources as they face their next chapter. Pathfinder is distilled from over 35 years of coaching and leadership development experience, and comprises up to three focused, personal and practical sessions with an expert advisor.

Building Your Roadmap

Through a series of individual meetings, partners are helped to develop an action plan with practical tools to enable them to move gracefully and with purpose, into the future.

Built on Trust

Through our unwavering commitment to enabling trusted communication between our members, we bring together people with distinctive ideas and experiences that make a difference to members’ lives.

Engaging With Mentors


Using the power of the Circle Sq. network, partners have access to an unrivalled group of mentors to act as sounding boards and advisors. Circle Sq. handpicks mentors based on their relevant experience and understanding.

Fuelled by Purpose


Forged from a community spirit and collective purpose, we are dedicated to unlocking new ventures and adventures for our members.


Membership of Circle Sq.’s dynamic network is an integral part of the programme. Access to our community of purposeful people offers new connections and exciting opportunities for enrichment that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Planning Your Next Chapter


Who delivers the programme?

Each partner is assigned their own small team of expert advisors, all of whom have been through career transition themselves. The team consists of an executive coach, a specialised Pathfinder advisor, and one or more mentors.

The quality of our team sets us apart. We pride ourselves on connecting partners with inspiring individuals, who have worked in and with professional services firms, and are used to advising their partners at the most senior levels. And from our Circle Sq. network, we are able to offer a wide range of mentors with different skills, experience and interests from the world of finance, law, healthcare, property, business, the charity sector and more.


What is the optimum timing for the programme?

Partners typically embark on the programme around 12 months before their expected leaving date, but this is flexible (it can be anywhere from 18 down to 3 months).


Why should you work with Circle Sq.?

Companies have a responsibility – even a moral duty – to support respected colleagues, who have given so much to their firms, as they face this rite of passage. A well-planned and orderly career transition ensures goodwill and long-term advocacy for the firm. For partners, a positive leaving experience, which equips them with self-awareness and practical tools to embrace the next chapter with purpose, has far-reaching benefits for them as individuals and for society more broadly.

At Circle Sq., our vision is to put our wisdom to work to build a better world. We are a dedicated team, who understand the complexities of career transition: we have walked in those shoes; we bring our understanding and experience to help prepare others for a fulfilling next chapter.

According to our clients, it is the unique combination of our Pathfinder™ tool and our unparalleled network of like-minded people that makes Circle Sq. different.

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