Finding Roles through NuRole


NuRole is an exclusive and invitation-only executive search platform. As a member of NuRole, you can specify your search by role, sector and geography. You will get an email when a role is posted that matches your interests. You can also browse the range of roles on the NuRole platform.

To put yourself forward for a role, you complete a short online application and attach your CV. You can also recommend someone you know whom you think will be a good fit.

For organisations, NuRole accesses a broader and more diverse pool of candidates than traditional search, with the added transparency of a better process.

The Opportunity for Circle Sq. Members


As NuRole is an invitation-only organisation, Circle Sq. is in a position to recommend its Members to NuRole both to be considered as candidates for specific roles, and to become general members of the NuRole network.

Benefits of belonging to NuRole include:

  • Being able to access roles for yourself
  • Engaging only with roles that interest you: you present yourself rather than relying on a third party to present you
  • Finding opportunities that interest you outside your existing network
  • Giving back – using your experience to help the Board of an organisation whose cause you feel passionate about to excel
  • Mentoring your network – supporting talent you mentor by recommending them for roles for which they might not otherwise be considered

About NuRole


NuRole was developed to disrupt the traditional headhunting model and encourage companies to think differently about their hiring practices. The platform consists of over 20,000 of the world’s most inspiring business leaders who have been handpicked, recommended and vetted by us or by our members. We’ve turned recruitment on its head and let candidates lead. Brilliant people put themselves forward for roles, and often the best fits emerge from unexpected places.



To find out how to take up our offer to introduce you to NuRole, please email for more information.