Introducing CAN³:
an impact accelerator for social organisations


Circle Sq has partnered with CAN Invest, an organisation that provides capital and business support to help charities and social enterprises to increase their social impact, and improve their business operations and financial sustainability.

CAN Invest works by enabling organisations to become more efficient and effective in delivering impact – for example, by understanding and measuring their social outcomes and implementing monitoring and management systems to improve delivery and programme design.

CAN Invest also helps organisations to improve their business models – for example, by identifying new commissioners and customers, securing increased income from existing work at similar or higher levels of profitability, or by refining their approach to delivery and financing so that they can scale up on a sustainable basis.

The opportunity for Members of Circle Sq.


Medium-term Mentoring– to help CEOs or Boards of social enterprises to manage their organisations’ development (e.g. 3-9 months)

  • A typical example would be helping a social enterprise to undertake a restructure or start/launch a new for-profit product/service

Short term Advisory opportunities – to help a social enterprise create a specific output or complete a specific process, to meet a short term business challenge (e.g. 1-2 months)

  • A typical example would be helping a host develop a business plan to submit to investors, or review a new growth opportunity

One-off Feedback opportunities – to help social enterprises better craft a pitch or seek advice on a challenge they face (e.g. 30-90 minute session)

  • A typical example would be a feedback session in response to a social enterprise who presents a ‘pitch’ of a service or product they are attempting to sell to a company
  • Another would be feedback to a multi-disciplinary team providing input to a charity facing a strategic or complex challenge affecting its future growth

About CAN


CAN is a registered charity trading as a social enterprise and is committed to helping other charities and social ventures to become more sustainable, more impactful, and where appropriate, to grow.

Founded in 1998, CAN is now the UK’s largest provider of premises, skills and finance exclusively for Third Sector organisations.

Through CAN Mezzanine, we provide quality, open-plan office accommodation for London-based charities and social enterprises.

Through CAN Invest we:

  • Work as a niche social investor in enterprising charities, providing venture capital, blended capital and unsecured loans
  • Provide business services to help social organisations to become business ready, get ready to take on social investment, and to effectively manage their social impact
  • Manage a unique social business accelerator, CAN³, which helps social enterprises increase their trading income and deepen their social impact.



Please email us at for more information