The Pathfinder Conversation:

A Creative Revitalization


The Pathfinder Conversation is a one-hour, confidential phone call between you and an expert Advisor. It is designed to help you uncover specific inner resources that give your life meaning, purpose, richness and satisfaction. In this session, you will identify your Personal Magnetic North to act as your guide in answering questions such as: What is next for me? What will bring me satisfaction? What is the impact I want to make at this point in my life? What is the legacy I want to leave?


The Pathfinder Conversation is a creative revitalization for your spirit, working in a personal and practical way to help you access your own intuitive wisdom.


What we uncover might not be brand new to you but using this information as your Personal Magnetic North offers a fresh and compelling invitation to choose what comes next.


The session will be followed by a short summary report and further questions for you to answer on your own.


I think the thoughtfulness and care taken in designing this programme is obvious. It’s very impressive and enticing. Right up my street. The progression from magnetic north to desire and then belief, creativity and reward is great


The Pathfinder Workshop:

Your Creative Imperative


Want to probe deeper into your Pathfinder Conversation? What if your discoveries were now to become your creative imperatives?


You are aware of what you want you express, the impact you want to make, and perhaps even the legacy you want to leave. How can you use your Magnetic North to create what you want in the face of your internal doubts and obstacles?


Join an intimate circle of like-minded people for a day-long investigation of the power of creating from your desires and overcoming the limiting, self-restricting beliefs of your inner opponent.


This engaging, experiential Pathfinder Workshop is led by Gifford Booth, CEO of The TAI Group, who has spent the last three decades guiding artists, entrepreneurs and business executives in creating the impact they want to have.


There is a maximum of 12 participants in each workshop.

Our offer to Members of Circle Sq.


The Pathfinder is a unique offering from Circle Sq.


TAI will grant you privileged access to its top advisors for the Pathfinder conversation and for the Pathfinder Workshop. The Pathfinder conversation is self-contained with no obligation for follow up, though the Workshop will take the discoveries and revelations from the conversation to the next level. The workshop offers a rich opportunity to engage with and learn from others who have gone through the Pathfinder experience.


For the conversation, and for the workshop, TAI charges fixed fees. For members of Circle Sq., TAI has agreed to offer significantly reduced rates.

The TAI Group


Founded in New York City in 1979, The TAI Group ( was originally called The Actors Institute. Back then, our target audience was the theatre community in New York and Los Angeles. Our work quickly spread across the US, Europe, Israel and beyond. We were not a typical acting school. We used the principles and tools of the theatre to help people mine the rich soil of their own creativity to unleash its power. Our audience quickly widened to people at the start of their careers, in the transition from job to job, or contemplating a new path altogether — anyone who needed to experience a creative revitalization.


We are still based in New York today and work all over the world. All of our staff are practitioners of the creative arts. We are not theorists. We are doers. We are actors, in every sense of the word.

Feedback on Pathfinder

The interviewer was hugely personable, sensitive to verbal and non-verbal cues, empathic and very easy to talk with.


The session was fab. Absolutely loved it… Thank you for the experience.


I must confess I had been sceptical about what can be achieved in an hour. I have had coaching at various points in my career and that has normally been over several sessions which take time to “warm up”. I was very impressed with the advisor. We got to the heart of things very swiftly and he was able to give form and coherence to the conversation so that even half an hour in, valuable insights had developed.I think this coaching could be of real benefit for people in the immediate run-up to retirement. It is good because unlike much professional coaching it looks at what matters to a person deep down.



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