Working with Number Sense


Number Sense is a new charity that supports maths learning in primary schools. It is tackling an important educational need not addressed by any existing charity.

Trained volunteers provide one-to-one support in primary schools to children who have fallen behind in maths. Through games and other activities, Number Sense volunteers enable children to acquire skills, confidence and enjoyment in maths.

Volunteers can help shape the definition and direction of this new and ambitious charity.

The Opportunity for Circle Sq. Members


Number Sense is looking for support in four areas:

• In-school volunteers to provide one-to-one support to children who have fallen behind in maths. If you’d enjoy volunteering regularly for 11⁄2 hours once a week during the school day, and would find it rewarding to help 6 to 8 year-olds, you could be an in-school volunteer. As well as enthusiasm, you will need good numeracy. This means being competent with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – and also being confident in explaining them. Before you start in a school, Number Sense will provide training on how to interact with children in a school setting, on the early years maths syllabus, and on creative ways to engage young children with maths games and exercises. Current and former teachers act as mentors to deliver this training and provide on-going support to our volunteers. Number Sense also delivers training in safeguarding and arranges for DBS background checks for all volunteers.

• Volunteer Leaders to help recruit and manage the in-school volunteers in a geographical area; to manage the recruitment process once a potential volunteer contacts the charity including interviewing the volunteer; to coordinate admin with schools and volunteers, and to build a sense of community amongst volunteers so they fully enjoy their experience with Number Sense.

• Project Managers to contribute to the charity in different capacities, such as developing new channels for recruiting volunteers.

• Trustees to join the strategic board and to help drive Number Sense’s development. Prospective trustees should have a passion for improving education, experience in working in a team to deliver meaningful change, and exceptional skills and experience which will be valuable to the charity.

Currently Number Sense is active only in North London. The plan for the next few years is to expand across London, and after that into other major UK cities.

About Number Sense


Number Sense is a new charity that supports maths learning in primary schools.

Many children fall behind in maths, find it difficult to catch up, and then develop a dislike of the subject. This impacts their future learning and can even affect their prospects in life.

Number Sense provides one-to-one interventions in primary schools so that, through mathematical games and other fun activities with our trained volunteers, children can build skills and confidence in maths.

Teachers believe the most effective time to intervene is with children aged six to eight (school Year 2 and Year 3), so Number Sense focuses on this age range. The teachers choose the children.

A trained volunteer spends 20 to 30 minutes with each child once or twice a week during the school day for a full school year, usually seeing three children on each visit.



If you are interested in any of these roles, or would like more information, please email us at