Escaping Extermination

Evening Event: The Musician and the Scientist: A Love Story in Troubled Times

Please join us as we explore the story of Agi Jambor and Imre Patai, two extraordinary Hungarians who not only survived the Holocaust, but left us gripping testimonies of their experiences and of their time. In the case of Agi, her words can finally be heard in her recently published, moving memoir Escaping Extermination, covering the years of 1938 – 1950. In the case of Imre, his still unpublished diaries provide a poignant eye-witness account of the most horrendous period in wartime Budapest, as well as telling the story of an extraordinary man and ground-breaking scientist. Imre and Agi embody perhaps the key targets of Nazi anti-Jewish hatred: talent and brilliance, and especially deep humanity.
We will be joined by Circle Sq. member Frances Pinter who edited her great-aunt Agi’s memoir, and Mika Provata-Carlone who wrote the introduction to that story. We will also hear from the Hungarian scholar Istvan Pal Adams, who read all 28 volumes of Imre’s diaries, now residing in the Washington DC Holocaust Museum Archives, while working on his book Budapest Building Managers and the Holocaust in Hungary.
Agi’s story is one of charisma and sheer luck – persistence in the face of adversity. Music kept her going. Imre was an eminent scientist who not only invented things, but analysed the characteristics of human nature with the same forensic methods he employed in his labs. He had a talent for understanding human psychology, for music, for finding reasons behind both effects and causes. Their strength as a couple of opposites stands testimony to human resilience at its best.
About the speakers
Dr Istvan Pal Adam is a Hungarian research fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study at the Central European University who has spent time at the CEFRES French Research Center in Humanities & Social Sciences in Prague, at the Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC, and at the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies. His PhD is from Bristol University. His book Budapest Building Managers and the Holocaust in Hungary is published by Palgrave.
Mika Provata-Carlone is an independent scholar, literary critic, translator, editorial consultant, and illustrator, who lives and works in London. Among her academic fields are Classics, Philosophy, Art History, English and French Literature, European Studies, Film, and Drama. She has degrees from the University of Athens (BA), the University of Sussex (MA) and Princeton University (MA & PhD). She is a contributing editor for the literary magazine Bookanista (  
Dr Frances Pinter has been an academic book publisher for most of her career. She is the Executive Chair of the Central European University Press, formerly CEO of Manchester University Press and founding Publisher of Bloomsbury Academic. She was Publishing Director for the Open Society Foundation and worked in all post-communist countries in the nineties and before that ran her own publishing company, Pinter Publishers. Her passion is equitable access to knowledge around the world. Her PhD is from UCL London. Agi Jambor was her great aunt.
The book, Escaping Extermination, is available for purchase here or can be ordered at all good independent book sellers.  

DATE:    Thursday 18th March 2021
TIME:     6:30 – 7:45pm 
VENUE: Zoom (link sent once registered)