Evening Event: 'Unlocking Your Storytelling Powers' with Adam LeBor

Evening Event: ‘Unlocking Your Storytelling Powers’ with Adam LeBor

Everyone has a story to tell, but how and where to start? If you’ve considered joining one of our Creative Writing Workshops but not quite plucked up the courage, this evening will allow you to dip a toe in the waters of creative writing and storytelling.  
During the hour,  we will discuss how to improve your storytelling skills – you may want to write a short story or a novel, to share something with your family, or just write for your own pleasure and satisfaction – and this session will allow you to take that important first step along your creative road for 2021.  There’s no need for any special literary knowledge or skills, just a desire to write.  
Adam will be joined by Simon Brooke and Sara Collins, both of whom took part in last year’s workshop, sharing what they learned and how they benefited.  As one happy participant said: “Creative writing with Adam has been a revelation; I never appreciated the role of a protagonist and antagonist and that novels of all sorts describe the obstacles they face and overcome. Adam’ s use of film clips to illustrate different types of dialogue was powerful and memorable. I’m unlikely to ever write a novel but I will certainly read with more understanding of what the author is doing. The group via zoom worked well too and Adam was patient and courteous throughout.”


DATE:    9th March  

TIME:     6:30-7:30pm

VENUE:  Zoom (link to follow once registered)