Circle Sq. is a dynamic network for people over 55, driven by their vision to redefine and reimagine their future selves.


Circle Sq. brings together people with distinctive ideas and expertise at specially curated events that focus on their interests, talents and passions: artists, musicians, craftsmen, masters of wine, writers, cooks, journalists and more…


Circle Sq. hosts exceptional and enjoyable evenings, where you can meet others – like-minded and unlike-minded – and share individual and collective stories and experiences.


Experience Circle Sq. for yourself and see why this network is perfect for you!

Upcoming Events

23 May 2019

Brit-Art At The Redfern Gallery

Situated in the heart of the bustling Cork Street precinct in London, the Redfern Gallery is the home of contemporary British art and artists.

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25 June 2019

An(other) Evening With…Gifford Booth

Many of our members have already experienced a Pathfinder ‘ah-ha’ moment.  Here’s another opportunity to discover your “true north” with Gifford Booth.

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Save the Date

Getting Older Means Being Bolder

“Three things that improve with age: Wine. Cheese. And Creativity. Earlier this year, James Ivory took home the Oscar for best adapted screenplay – at the age of 89.

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DATE: 03 July 2019

Previous Events

The wine cellar downstairs at Hedonism Wine was filled with Circle Sq. members and friends who came together on 9 May 2019, to taste a carefully chose...

The first Circle Sq.-Pathfinder event was held in late March 2019 The evening was run with Gifford Booth, a unique and inspiring coach who has been g...