Our newest club is blossoming! The Gardening Club was established in April 2021 and currently has 7 members, representing a mix of urban & rural gardens (London, Somerset, Nottinghamshire, and Oxfordshire) and differing skill levels from beginners to genuine green-fingered talent. 

The Club meets once a month via Zoom to share tips and advice such as seasonal planting ideas, and to provide updates on gardening projects members may be working on. 

At a recent meeting, Ronda Jolly shared her story of transforming a mossy lawn into a home for a variety of British native plants that are low growing, don’t mind being walked on and can be mowed every 4-6 weeks. “My hope is that these plants will spread and mix with the remaining grass and prevent the moss from taking over again. It looks pretty at the moment with the daisies flowering. Later on there should also be clover, thyme, and lesser stitchwort. There is also lawn camomile which doesn’t flower but smells fabulous when you step on it.”

Michael Anderson has also shared his slice of Cotswolds paradise with us. Managing a 3-acre plot in rural Oxfordshire is not an easy task given the ongoing battle with persistent thistles and ground elder, but his hard work has paid off. He recently opened his garden to 180 visitors over the May bank holiday weekend as part of the National Garden Scheme (see photos below).

If you would like to join, please contact teresa.woodley@circlesq.co