Michael O'Sullivan

2022 Market Forecast with Economist, Mike O’Sullivan

Join us and our guest speaker Mike O’Sullivan, economist, former global CIO of Credit Suisse and advisor with Rosecut Technologies, to discuss the key trends and challenges to expect for the upcoming year of 2022 and what a post-COVID economy will potentially look like. You won’t want to miss out on these insights from our market expert.

In this discussion, Mike will address the following areas:

– What will the post COVID economy look like?

– What will the post globalisation world order look like?

– What’s exciting in finance and markets?

– What will be the investment challenges in 2022?

Check out this recent blog post which includes Mike’s insights on 2022 economic forecasts.


About Mike O’Sullivan

Michael O'Sullivan

Michael is the former CIO of International Wealth Management, Credit Suisse. Prior to this, he spent over ten years as a global strategist at State Street Global Markets and a few other sell-side institutions, and has also taught finance at Princeton and Oxford Universities. He was educated at University College Cork in Ireland and Balliol College in Oxford, where he obtained M.Phil and D.Phil degrees as a Rhodes Scholar. He was an independent member of Ireland’s National Economic Social Council from 2011 to 2016. He is the author of a number of books, including ‘The Levelling’ (PublicAffairs / Hachette).

Click here to watch Michael’s TED talk on “The End of Globalisation (and the beginning of something new)” In this short talk, Mike O’Sullivan postulates that the 30-year era of globalization is now over and that we are entering a new, uncertain — but increasingly values-driven — world order.


DATE:     Monday 17th January 2022

TIME:      6:30-7:30pm

VENUE:  Zoom (link to register below)