Our Investment Club brings together members who are knowledgeable and active investors to share ideas and obtain insights that are not widely available. We hold quarterly, two-hour long, meetings in the offices of different financial institutions, involving senior industry experts in our discussions. Around 12 people attend each meeting.

Our focus is on trends, economic and market outlooks, ideas and in-depth reviews of specific topics. Topics for discussion so far have included:

· a current view of markets

· where we are in the investment cycle

· the impact of trade wars

· China

· investing in consumer goods in emerging markets;

· portfolio allocation

· wealth planning.

The Investment Club meets regularly for a variety of talks and lectures, hosted by leading financial institutions such as UBS, JM Finn and Cazenove Capital. The Club’s new ‘Six O’Clock Series’ provides a forum, currently online, for members to discuss topics of interest in a relaxed setting.

Please note this Club is for sophisticated investors only.  It does not give investment advice nor makes recommendations.

Please contact Tanya at tanya.hidalgo@circlesq.co if you would like to join this Club and help shape the agenda for the coming year.