Life Coaching by Elevation


Through Circle Sq., experience life coaching with Elevation. Life coaching is a conversation with a clear agenda: to make the best of who you are, to advance your growth, to fully celebrate your life and understand what you have to offer the world and the people you care about. When you have a clear perspective on who you already are and on your existing areas of talent and expertise, then your life gains direction, meaning and purpose.


Maddy Lucia-Grace founded Elevation in 2018.  At the core of her practice is the belief that when you have a clear perspective on who you are and on your areas of talent and expertise, your life gains direction, meaning and purpose.

My Offer to Members of Circle Sq.


We have an initial chat, free of charge, to discuss what you would like to get out of the coaching relationship, and for me to explain how I can help you. Usually this chat lasts around 40 minutes. After that, if you decide you want us to work together, you can book one-on-one coaching in blocks of either three or six sessions. The length of the coaching relationship will depend on what goals you have and I will advise you during our chat how long I think you might need.


My responsibility as your coach is to provide a safe and honest environment for you to explore the areas in which you want to make progress. I will listen keenly and objectively, ask thought-provoking questions, give objective feedback and ideas, and provide helpful tools to accomplish your specified goals.


What you need to bring to coaching is a real desire to move forward, a commitment to the process and a willingness to trust me as I go deep and get into the heart of issues.


I believe Maddy to be one of the most naturally gifted coaches that I’ve encountered. She has an uncanny ability to identify core issues with great rapidity. And having done that, she is then able to communicate those issues back to a client in a manner that gives them the tools to go forward and grow. She has helped me enormously where other very experienced professionals have come short



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