Our Partner, GOLDIE Magazine is throwing clothes and caution to the wind in its quest to redefine the term Beach Body Ready.

Join GOLDIE editor Rebecca Weef Smith as she dons her swimming costume and prepares to get summer ready with the help of special guests.

Rebecca Weef Smith will be in conversation with three trailblazers for what promises to be a riotous but thought provoking evening. Clara Holmes (Rollin Funky Blog), David Evans (Grey Fox Blog) and Ava Thompson (over 40 curve model) will each bring a distinct perspective to the complex relationships we have with our bodies, the role of the media and how ultimately that affects our holiday wardrobe choices.

Most important, we want to hear from you. It wouldn’t be much of a conversation otherwise. Do you think there’s undue pressure to mould yourself to a prescribed ideal? What will it take for you to reveal all with confidence this summer? Or are you already happy to strip off at the drop of a hat?

This is a stylish all-inclusive beach party where everyone – no matter their age, size, ethnicity or gender – ends the night feeling comfortable in the skin they’re in. Come and make a splash with us!


Circle Sq. is pleased to be partnering with GOLDIE. More than a lifestyle magazine, GOLDIE is a boutique, quarterly publication offering 130 pages of beautifully curated content for free thinkers. It provides an inclusive, celebratory approach to living for men and women who refuse to be put into a box based on age or anything else. It inspires the curiosity, creativity and wanderlust of our readers. It empowers them to indulge their love of fashion, culture, travel and beyond. On its pages, readers will stumble across people that aren’t represented in mainstream mags. They will also be able to join conversations that aren’t being had anywhere else. GOLDIE is a state of mind. It is a platform for those who think and behave independently, do it with style and don’t let society’s preconceptions of age get in the way of having a good time.

DATE: 18 July 2019
TIME: 7.00 – 10.00pm
VENUE: The Devonshire Club, Devonshire Square EC2