Dr Zaki Anwar

October Lunchtime Lecture

“Deconstructing the Vaccine Infodemic” 

On Wednesday 27th October, we are honoured to host Dr Zaki Rezwana Anwar FRSA, a personality known for medical / philanthropic contribution, coupled with an illustrious media career. Dr Anwar aims to illuminate the truths about the Covid-19 vaccines with insights from both the medical and social sciences. It is more important than ever alongside a pandemic, to fight the infodemics too – the barriers that hinder factual medical knowledge from being widely accepted by all figments of society, thus causing a resultant strain on healthcare systems worldwide. This pandemic has been a testing time for us all but as much as it has been a time of trials and tribulations, it has also been an opportunity to learn about which policies ‘work,’ and why. What caused vaccine hesitance in the first place? Why did some countries do well, while others suffered? How can we best prepare ourselves for a pandemic like this in the future? You are cordially invited to attend Dr Anwar’s live interactive lecture and join what promises to be a thought-provoking topic.

About the Speaker

Zaki received an MBBS degree from Dhaka, and a Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene with a British Council Scholarship. Following her Maternal & Child Health MSc at UCL with Danish Government Fellowship, she was selected as Commonwealth Scholar for her PhD. Internationally the longest serving female Bangladeshi newscaster, her unparalleled mark in the newscasting world was recognised with Eastwood Awards’ title: ‘Best Female Newscaster.’ She uses her public speaking experience to serve as a Youth Mentor with the Diana Award. As Women and Cultural Affairs Secretary of Greater Sylhet Development & Welfare Council in the UK, she ventured far and wide, teaching hard-to-reach women first aid.
Dr Anwar is a Trustee of the Ignite Youth Foundation and of the Freedom Fighters’ Welfare Trust, UK. She is also Ambassador for the Manush Manusher Jonno Foundation which works to improve the lives of children with disabilities living in absolute poverty. Dr Anwar continues to provide medical advice to the British Bangladeshi diaspora – educating them on the importance of adhering to essential public health measures. For services to British Bangladeshis, she has been honoured with the Mayor’s Civic Award, the British Bangladeshi Who’s Who Award and Canary Wharf Group’s Community Champion Award for Philanthropy.

As GSC’s Women’s Secretary, she teaches hard-to-reach women first aid. With her ‘Widow Project,’ 500 destitute widows saw financial independence. Dr Anwar funds the flood-stricken and aids orphans academically with ‘Zaki Rezwana Scholarship’. She is in London Bangla Press Club; she supports CRUK, Centre for Rehabilitation of Paralysed and anti-rape movements.

Cultivating her medical / international media expertise, she partners with NHS and is CEO of ‘Keep Our Hearts Beating’ which she co-founded with her daughter Propa. The pair address the UK’s organ shortage for transplants. Having donated all their organs, they inspire others of BAME backgrounds to do so too. 


DATE:    Wednesday 27th October

TIME:     1:00 – 2:00pm

VENUE: Zoom (link to follow once registered below)