Lunchtime Lecture: 'Re-imagining the Future of Cities' with InfraCity Impact Management

Lunchtime Lecture:

‘Re-imagining the Future of Cities’

with InfraCity Impact Management 

Join us for our first Lunchtime Lecture of 2021, in which the three founding partners of InfraCity Impact Management – Ayesha Iqbal, Julie Blane and Martin Bloom – will share their insights into the new directions that urban environments are taking for the post-pandemic recovery.  InfraCity Impact Management is a fund designed to actively support companies who make the cities of the future cleaner, greener and healthier places to live and work.

As part of living in London and its surroundings, we are all contributing to the massive 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions created by city living. Two-thirds of humanity already live in cities and their catchment areas, and urbanisation will continue, albeit in a modified form. 

This talk will explore the following shifts in how cities evolve:

Throughout history, urban ecosystems have been linear, with a create-use-dispose design whereby under a tenth of what we consume can be recycled. Designers, urban planners and governments are re-imagining city systems, which need to be circular by design to become more sustainable.

We are inevitably moving towards major electrification/digitalisation shifts as infrastructure becomes smarter and greener to provide sustainable and renewable energy and heat, water and air. Decarbonisation is at the forefront of these initiatives, as science-based imperatives are implemented to meet net zero targets and these independent elements become more connected.

Massive inequalities for people and communities around the globe are being systematically addressed, democratising access to clean energy, heat, water and air.  The emergence of ‘urbantech’ solutions will contribute to sustainable and smart cities, demonstrated by case studies from U.K. companies innovating in the sector.


About the speakers:

Ayesha Iqbal, Julie Blane and Martin Bloom are the Founding Partners of InfraCity Impact Management where they combine almost a century of experience from private equity infrastructure, cleantech investment, venture capital and impact management. They are currently building a fund for urban tech solutions- the smart technologies that underpin sustainable cities in foundational sectors like energy, heat, water, waste management and the built environment. 


DATE:    20th January 2021

TIME:     1:15-2:00pm

VENUE: Zoom (link to follow once registered)