The Photography Club was started by a small group of members who are keen enthusiasts. The Club meets every two weeks via Zoom to share images, comments and analysis.

For each meeting, the group chooses a subject, and then each member selects their best 4 images to upload onto the Club’s Flickr group.

Members analyse each image — from cropping, choice of colour vs. black and white, location, reason for the selection etc.

To date, subjects have included: clouds, photography at night, trees, macro, water…and tomatoes!  The discussions are very constructive, with a lot of learning taking place. But always in a really light-hearted and helpful manner.

There is great camaraderie, as well as a fun sharing of aesthetic senses and knowledge in a rapidly evolving digital world.

We welcome anyone else who would like to get involved and share our enthusiasm.

Please contact Tanya at if you would like to join this Club.

‘Purple Tulip’ by Robert Silbermann

“This is an example of my macro photography which I love. Our shared discussions and learning have helped me improve my techniques and develop my images.”

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