Your Health is Worth a Fortune;
Looking After It Shouldn’t Cost a Fortune.


Circle Sq. has chosen Towergate as its preferred supplier for Health Insurance. Best of all, you don’t even have to switch from your current insurer if you’re already covered.  Towergate can simply take over the handling of your policy from your existing broker.

Our offer to Members of Circle Sq.


Harnessing over 30 years’ experience, Towergate offers the highest level of service, with expert, independent and unbiased advice from a dedicated Private Client Account Executive. Circle Sq. members will benefit from:

  • 5% cashback* the first year when you switch your policy to Towergate as a member of Circle Sq.
  • Dedicated Private Medical Insurance Helpline.
  • Further 2% cashback* year on year while you remain a member of Circle Sq. and a client of Towergate
  • Free year one Claims Concierge Service, to organise and manage any claims you may have
  • A complimentary annual review to ensure you always know you’re getting the right cover at the right price

* Providing that the policy can be and is transferred to the Towergate agency. Cashback is based on premium net of IPT

Case Studies


Disbanded group switching to a personal policy:

ABC Ltd had a group scheme with 2 members (member S paying a monthly premium of £1,182, member T, £2,036). At renewal, after reviewing all the options, the Towergate Private Client Account Executive recommended the group be disbanded, and each member takes out personnel policies. This resulted in an overall saving of £13,002 for ABC Ltd. Moving to a single annual payment saved 5%, and as members of Circle Sq., both A and B were eligible for a further 5% cashback on their premia, resulting in annual savings of £5,895 for S, and  £9,416 for T. In addition, S’s excess was reduced from £250 to £100.  All medical histories were protected as both members remained with their existing provider.

Remaining with the same provider:

Mr & Mrs S had a policy with an annual premium of £5,841, higher than others of similar age because of claims history.  This made switching difficult, but increasing the excess generated a saving of £778. In addition, as members of Circle Sq., they were eligible for a 5% cashback on the premium resulting in an overall saving of £1,004.

Switching to a different provider whilst protecting previous medical history:

Mr J had a premium of £16,478. The Towergate Private Client Account Executive identified an alternative provider with a comparable level of benefits that resulted in a saving of £6,639. Removing certain benefits and increasing the excess responsibility resulted in a further saving of £3,740. As a member of Circle Sq., Mr J was eligible for a 5% cashback. Overall, the annual saving of Mr J, with benefits tailored specifically to meet his needs, was £10,651

About Towergate


Towergate is one of the UK’s largest, independently owned insurance intermediaries. This, combined with their long-standing relationships with major insurers, gives you a competitive price on your Private Medical Insurance and a high quality of cover.



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