Linda & Michael Falter

24 January 2019

In the second of our “Evening with…” series, members of Circle Sq enjoyed a few hours in the home of Linda and Michael Falter, exploring the beauty of ancient manuscripts.


Professional and life partners, Linda and Michael have worked together for the past thirty five years, mastering the art of reproducing covetable facsimiles of ancient manuscripts. Together they shared the story of how their passion became their life’s work.


Linda’s extraordinary knowledge of the texts, their provenance and the history of each manuscript, captivated the audience. Michael spoke of the challenges of finding a printer who could perfectly reproduce the material on which the manuscripts were created, to finding people who could perfectly replicate the beautiful illuminations, and gilders who could work with gold and silver leaf. All in the name of authenticity.


Today modern techniques are helpful but never at the expense of the perfect, true-to-the-source reproduction. The Falters’ dedication to detail ensures that the minutest feature of the original is replicated in all their work. Their collection includes the Kennicott Bible that originated in Spain in 1476, the Rothschild Miscellany from Italy in the same period, a copy of the Quran, and their most recent addition, a beautifully crafted, illuminated manuscript of the Song of Songs.


As well as learning about the art and heart behind the exquisite manuscripts, Circle Sq members had the opportunity to look at and page through the closest thing to the reality of these ancient texts.


Linda is an outstanding cook, specialising in Persian cuisine. Guests were treated to a feast of striking flavours in the vegetarian dishes and delicious desserts she provided.


The warmth of the Falters’ home, the passion with which they shared their story, and the enthusiasm of our members and new friends, combined to create another successful “Evening With…” event in the Circle Sq calendar. Be sure to join us next time.


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