Circle Sq. Weekly Virtual Coffee Morning


Join us every Thursday at 11am via Zoom. Everybody is welcome.

“Thursday mornings with Circle Sq are part of our routine now.” – Professor Dennis Snower, member


“The friendliness of Circle Sq. comrades is so welcome in these times. It will be lovely when we all meet directly again having made closer friendships at a distance.” – Jane Emerson, member

Circle Sq. coffee mornings have been a highlight of our lockdown programming for many of our members. Each week, a guest speaker joins us to lead a lively discussion on the weekly theme as introduced in the Monday newsletter.


  • 2nd April: Jane Emerson, speech and language therapist, specialist SEN teacher and founder of Emerson House on ‘Supporting children/grandchildren through Covid’
  • 9th April: Michael Falter, founder of Facsimile Editions and publisher of reproductions of ancient artefacts on ‘Keeping our Spirits Up’
  • 23rd April: Neil Behrmann, financial journalist and author on ‘The Economic Impact of Covid-19’
  • 30th April: Rosemary Lawrence, amateur gardener on ‘Spring Gardening’
  • 7th May: Adam Le Bor, Financial Times journalist and author on ‘Open Source Intelligence’
  • 14th May: Carl Honoré, global guru on the art of slowing down on ‘Slower Living’
  • 21st May: John Steinberg, author and playwright on ‘Writing in a Time of Crisis’
  • 28th May: Spencer Hyman, founder of Cocoa Runners on ‘Artisan Foods and Craft Chocolate’
  • 4th June: Ann Robinson, GP and health columnist on ‘The Changing Face of Healthcare’
  • 11th June: Jonathan Joseph, property developer on ‘Revival of the British High Street’
  • 18th June: Professor Dennis Snower, economist, on ‘Creative Economic Solutions in a Crisis’
  • 25th June: Sara Collins, psychoanalyst, on ‘Volunteering in mental health during the crisis’
  • 2nd July: John Bowers Q.C., Principal, Brasenose College, Oxford, on ‘The Future of Higher Education.’
  • 9th July: Tim Walford-Fitzgerald, private client partner, HW Fisher, on ‘Inheritance Tax: Planning for the Future’
  • 16th July: Belinda Harding, artist, on ‘Creative Expression in Difficult Times’
  • 10th September: Michael Zur-Szpiro, on branding
  • 17th September: Nicola Glucksmann, psychoanalyst, on mediation.
  • 1st October: Travel Insurance Clinic with Steve Browne, Towergate Travel