Workshop:'Creative Writing'with Adam LeBor


Everybody has a story to tell. It might be one inspired by your own life or a completely fictional creation. Adam’s creative writing workshop will help you tell it. The course comprises three two-hour workshops, spread over 3-4 weeks, plus a one-to-one feedback session with Adam. This course is limited to 8 people.

Here is a selection of testimonials from Adam’s previous workshops for Circle Sq.: 

‘I really enjoyed it.  As a complete novice to actually writing something as challenging & unnerving as a book, Adam steered our group through the basic starter steps required and gave my ambitions a bit of a kick start – “wow, this is achievable!”. Some great practical tips, very well presented in bite sized chunks. Hugely encouraging approach.’ – Mike Denison: 
‘I thoroughly enjoyed the writing course – Adam is a great teacher and made the workshops fun and interesting as well as instructive – whilst, his genre is not the one I aim to be writing in, I found his ideas on structure and working practices to be extremely useful for thinking about my own project, I am reading one of his books, which I think is fantastic and this gives his tuition additional credibility.  he created a very positive environment, encouraging us to do homework and impromptu writing and take the difficult step of reading to the group – his feedback was always helpful and there was a good range of approaches from the other course members who it was a real pleasure to meet and work with.  I for one would be very happy to pay for another three sessions.’ – Matthew Greenburgh  
‘Adam is a very positive and encouraging lecturer. He is also exceptionally good at imparting information and technique. His style is friendly, informative and hands on.’ – Nicky Michaels 
‘The creative writing course with Adam has been a revelation ; I never appreciated the role of a protagonist and antagonist and that novels of all sorts describe the obstacles they face and overcome. Adam’ s use of film clips to illustrate different types of dialogue as powerful and memorable. I’m unlikely to ever write a novel but I will certainly read with more understanding of what the author is doing. The group via zoom worked well too and Adam was patient and courteous throughout.’ – Dr. Ann Robinson  
‘Adam is an excellent tutor.  He’s knowledgeable and experienced.  He’s challenging when necessary but also very supportive and full of useful insights and practical advice.’ – Simon Brooke
‘It has been hugely helpful and encouraging and I would certainly go for more.  Adam created a supportive working group where trust was built to share our nascent thoughts and attempts at creative writing.  His teaching provided a clear structure for writing, a kind of scaffolding for what makes a good story, borne out of his vast experience which he generously shared.’ – Sara Collins
‘An inspiring and motivating course. After years of prevarication, Adam’s clever, inquisitive and gentle tutoring pushed me to create the structure and ask the questions to further my writing.  And I had no idea I’d gain so much from being part of a group.  It transpires that, like a running club, it’s better when you train together.’ – Tess Woodley   



DATE:    September / October 2020